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Origami Whooping Swan Fashion T-Shirt - Origami Nerd Depot
Origami Whooping Swan Fashion T-Shirt - Origami Nerd Depot

Origami Whooping Swan Fashion T-Shirt

Origami Nerd Depot

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Attention bird lovers! Just for you we are offering this colorful origami whooping swan fashion t-shirt. This shirt depicts an Origami swan that appears to be descending down from the Origami heavens in order to be set free and find its place on another plane of existence. This awesome t-shirt is designed simply for those who love the art of Origami.

Origami Perfection

The Origami whooping swan fashion t-shirt is simplistic but makes the statement of your admiration for the art by presenting a scene of a finished creation of a beautiful Origami swan in a color burst of magenta's and teals. This t-shirt can be described as you wish by using your imagination and creating a wonderful story about the originality of the shirt. There is no right or wrong depiction. Only what matters is how you see the t-shirt for yourself through your very own eyes.

What Does It Say To You?

It's magical, mysterious, and marvelous to say the least. The message the t-shirt appears to be sending leaves a question that burns deep within the minds of all bird or swan lovers who adore the Origami creative process. The conclusion that may be drawn here is the shirt will further invoke your confidence and admiration for the natural Origami arts therefore allowing you to proclaim your dedication for all artful creations that are to be born using just a few pieces of paper. We view Origami as a type of fantasy that involves creation by using mindful thoughts meaning if it can be thought, it can be created because all things in existence were once just a thought before they were created...

Grab a Few

We offer this splendid Origami whooping swan fashion t-shirt in small size all the way to 3X so you are sure to find your size. It is inevitable. Enjoy your new modern, trendy, unique t-shirt and don't forget to grab a few for friends, family and that special someone.

Further Product Details

  • Men, Women, Children
  • Short Sleeve Origami T-Shirts
  • Casual Modern Style
  • Polyester,Spandex Composition
  • O-Neck Collar
  • Origami Geometric Pattern
  • Knitted Fabric

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