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Origami Universe Folding Art Craft Paper - Origami Nerd Depot
Origami Universe Folding Art Craft Paper - Origami Nerd Depot

Origami Universe Folding Art Craft Paper

Origami Nerd Depot

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A beautiful offering of the design of our universe on an Origami folding craft paper. There are 2 available options of which both are absolutely gorgeous. This is our Origami Nerd Depot specialty paper that we offer for those who love to make creations that pertain to the skies, stars, or universal space itself.
Any type of desired Origami creation is suitable for this paper and it only depends on the ideas and efforts of those who are willing to step out of their boundaries in to space and utilize their creative attributes in order to create the most enticing Origami inventions known to the art.
Any Thought Concept Can Be Transformed to Physical Reality
In the wonderful world of Origami, there are no limits. Anything that can be thought can be created and we encourage all creation in its purest form. We further congratulate those who have acquired massive collections that have been created from original thought inspired ideas. As a dedicated company of Origami supplies, we will continue to produce awesome tools and opportunities for you to transform your inventions that are conceived in your mind to physical art. That is our promise to you! Quality guaranteed!
We are Origami Nerd Depot...
Descriptive Dimensions
  • Quantity/Color: # 1: 88 Sheets, Color # 2: 70 Sheets
  • Size: # 1: 8.6 x 8.6 Centimeters
  •          # 2: 15 x 15 Centimeters
  • Material: Single-Sided Origami Paper
  • Color: As the Pictures Show - Universal StarCraft Design
  • Conversion: 1 Centimeter = 0.39 Inch

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