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Origami Modern Prayer Swan Fashion Sculpture

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Original artwork by a master of Origami sculpturing has made available this stunning rendition of an Origami modern prayer swan fashion sculpture in 3 different styles and colors which are White, Green, and Orange in medium and large sizes that can be seen by referring to the pictures as the large ones are on the top and the medium ones on the bottom. The large ones measure 17cm in height, 21cm in width and 20cm in length. The medium ones measure 14cm in height, 19cm in width and 14cm in length. These measurements are perfect for intervening them in to existing decor or a new decor arrangement.

The Story of the Origami Modern Prayer Swan Fashion Sculpture

It has been said in ancient tradition that the exact replicas of these swans hold connections to the universe through energy granted by the mother of all creation whom is mother nature herself. By placing any one of these swans in a particular area of your home, preferably near a window or mirror, the swan can see its soul and therefore gains an energetic field around it producing light energy and therefore transmits the energy to all those who are near. When this energy is received by the intended or chosen one, everything from that point on becomes a reflection of thought meaning all the thoughts that one has actually becomes reality. In other words, by having these swans in the room, one may gain the power to create their reality but in order to receive this energy one must already be in the mindset of abundance otherwise the energy can not be transmitted. If a deep blockage is buried deeply within the subconscious mind, then the energy will be useless until the blockage is removed and only then one can begin to receive the benefit of reality creation at will.

The Choice is Yours

Do you believe in the power of the Origami modern prayer swan fashion sculpture? One must believe wholeheartedly in order to be a recipient of the benefits. Could this story simply be a fable? Or could it be the key to unlocking the door that has kept you a prisoner of your mind for so many years now? The choice to believe is yours......


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