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Origami Wishing Stars Folding Craft Paper - Origami Nerd Depot
Origami Wishing Stars Folding Craft Paper - Origami Nerd Depot

Origami Wishing Stars Folding Craft Paper

Origami Nerd Depot

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The perfect Origami folding craft paper for the perfect creation! Although this type of folding paper may be used for any type of project desired, we find it very useful in the creation of beautiful Origami stars. As the pictures show examples of the magnificent lucky stars that have been created with this multi-useful creative Origami wishing stars folding craft paper one can see the end result of sheer unique creative attributes that were possessed by the original Origami creator. A wide array of original Origami creations may be attained with the use of this beautiful paper and although the paper itself is in strips, that does not necessarily place any limits on what kinds of decorative additions may be invented with the folding paper.

Note:  Each order will include 20-25 pieces of paper due to their handmade nature.  Thanks.

We realize that this specific type of Origami wishing stars folding craft paper may be viewed by some as a "quilling" type of paper and we understand that but considering the fact that an ever-growing number of true Origami artists are choosing to combine both wonderful arts in their creations we feel due to this that we had to include this item in our collection. By using the creative mind, one could possibly create one of the most attractive, beautiful Origami inventions known to man all by transforming a single thought in to physical reality. 

Think about your inner creative aspects that are waiting to be discovered and do not limit your creative abilities by following a society set origination of distinguished guidelines that were forcefully imposed on the arts themselves in order to explode individual monetary profits by limiting each tool to each individual art itself when the reality of the matter is all creative tools may be used for all arts for all reasons that involve the use of the God-given ability to create endless forms of unique natural beauty in the form of authentic Origami creations. Namaste!


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