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Ultra-Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

Ultra-Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

Origami Nerd Depot

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Give your Fish the Oxygen They Need with this Awesome Ultra-Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

No aquarium is complete without a necessary ultra-quiet aquarium air pump. This air pump gives the needed power to push air through the tubes in to your aquarium providing the much needed oxygen for your fish that is critical for the good health and vitality of your fish. Most if not all fish can not live without oxygen so this is a necessity to have for your beautiful aquarium.

This ultra-quiet aquarium air pump is just as the title says, ultra quiet. You won't even know it's there because it operates efficiently as it should. The pump operates on 110 volts US plug or a 220 Volt EU plug. You may choose the correct plug for your country. These pumps are sufficient enough to run even the largest of aquariums and pump air freely to any number of fish. This ultra-quiet aquarium air pump is the only air pump you will ever need for your aquarium. Guaranteed!


  • The motor is brushless with a permanent magnetic rotor and is maintenance-free.
  • The stator and circuit board are sealed by epoxy resin.
  • It is enclosed with static sealing which can avoid leaking issues.
  • It is very compact in size, is highly efficient, has low consumption, and low noise output (less than 35 decibels).
  • It features a wide temperature resistance range from 0°C all the way to 60°C.
  • For use in aquariums although may be used for other purposes as needed.
  • Operates using very low power consumption, high efficiency, energy saving, long life, stable performance.
  • Effectively makes the water flow and disperses heat.
  • Improves the water environment and increases the activity of beneficial aerobic bacteria.
  • Accelerates the decomposition of harmful substances in water.
  • NOTICE: This ultra-quiet aquarium air pump works perfectly with our amazing Aquarium Volcanic Eruption Landscape Kit!











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