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About Us

About Us

We are a passionate company and we believe in what we offer because we have based our company on our core values of a God-Fearing upbringing therefore everything we do is according to the instruction of the scriptures. 

Our Family Decision to Change Our Impending Circumstances,

We are a family business located in a small Southern town in Missouri where opportunity is concerned, there is lack. So considering this, we made a decision to not continually remain a victim of an ever growing society of poverty. We decided that from this point on that it was high time in our lives to make changes and we would do everything in our power to attain success in every aspect regardless of our impending cultural circumstances and we are well on our way!

We have removed all negativity from our thoughts therefore allowing ourselves to perform every function in a positive light. We are self-transformed people that are in the process of making all our hopes and aspirations a reality.

Origami Nerd Depot Family

Our Intent

We built this website with the intention of helping origami artists obtain the needed supplies with the click of a button since most of what we offer is not readily available in stores. The products we provide vary based on our perceived need of the origami community and we offer what we feel is necessary in order to be able to continually create wonderful origami crafts.

Modern Origami Fashion

We also have added what we consider "Modern Origami Fashion" since origami is everywhere in our daily lives and we encounter it on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. Therefore, we offer items such as modern origami jewelry, backpacks, clocks, specialty t-shirts, lamps & lights, purses, pocketbooks & wallets and much, much more. Origami expands to so many more horizons therefore our website reflects that belief. So we invite you to step in to our world of modern origami fashion and start realizing that traditional origami perceptions are branching out in to fashion & styles and the art is growing and the limits that were once placed on the art to only a paper or project creation have evolved and are expanding in to a beautiful new aspect of nature that is all around us in our everyday lives and have always been a part of true origami art but were never acknowledged in the proper way.

Our Products - True Origami Fashion

The products we offer are true to the art and are genuine, authentic origami products. Our suppliers are well-known professional origami artists. You will not find any labels or brand names on most of our products because the origami artists feel that a brand simply advertises a company name instead of allowing focus on the true beauty of the piece and limits the authentication of the piece to the specific company or organization and may create a passing fad and this is not the intention of the creators. Such as when a popular brand of shoes come out and every teenager just has to have that brand at that moment but when the fad passes, and a new one comes out, it takes its place. This is not the desire of the creators of our products. In the world of modern origami art, there are no fads or labels, only everlasting beauty of creation and fashion. What you will find in our store is true origami creation and fashion in its finest aspect. Modern origami fashion & supplies.

Our Ultimate Goal - Helping People

We are very proud of what we do and we consider our efforts those of helping people who have passions and we will continue to do so for a very long while. If you have any product requests, comments or suggestions, we urge you to contact us through our chat or "contact us" tab and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also don't forget to spin our money wheel to see what kind of discount you can get on your next order and you will also be automatically entered in our next free giveaway!

From our family to yours, we want to sincerely thank you for choosing Origami Nerd Depot for all your Origami needs. Namaste!